A virtual law office is an internet-based office utilizing secure software to interact with clients. Although Tammy Tallant Law has an office space for face-to-face meetings, most of the communications will occur through a secure cloud-based service. All documents, pleadings, and correspondences will be stored on client’s personal portal, which the client can access from any computer with internet access. Not only does this allow more efficient communication with clients (unlike “snail mail”), it reduces the overhead costs needed for paper, printing, and storage space. In other words, it allows Tammy Tallant Law to offer more reasonable fees.

Under Rule 1.1 of the Colorado Rules of Professional Conduct it states that “a newly admitted lawyer can be as competent as a practitioner with long experience.” The law requires attorneys to provide competent representation. Tammy Tallant received a well-rounded education from a nationally ranked law school where she learned how to find the answers to your legal questions. She has significant supports including mentors and listservs with the Colorado Bar Association. She is a member of several bar association sections. If Tammy is unable to handle a case, she will not represent you. Alternatively, a co-counsel  agreement can be arranged with the client’s consent. This means that Tammy Tallant will work with another attorney that has expertise in the area to ensure competent representation.

Most cases involve many parts or steps. To reduce costs, some parties may want a limited scope of representation. For example, a client may wish to represent themselves in court (Pro Se parties). Thus, unbundled services are offered for the client that may only want the attorney to prepare legal documents (ghostwriting); make limited appearances in court; mediate an issue; or to simply provide legal advice.